Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kylen's 15th!!!!! Birthday

He's 15.  My little boy is 15!!  And how about THIS???

I'm not even kidding!!!!

All these years, I've been dying for Kylen to drive (since I can't), and now that he is learning to drive, I'm scared!  My baby steering a multi-ton vehicle down the streets???  Tell me it ain't so! 

But maybe I should back up a little.  I'm getting ahead of myself.

So waaaaay, way back on Saturday, before our son had a learner's permit . . .

Just like his 14th birthday, we played laser tag with 25 friends - all teenage boys and their dads, plus a couple moms.

Kylen even came in first for one of the three games.  I got a picture of him standing below the score only to find out later that the screen switched over to displaying the day's top scorers.  Oh well.

We ate pizza and cupcakes.  It was great!

But then yesterday . . . was his actual birthday when he turned 15 . . .

He got the day off from school, played video games . . .

The headset allows him to talk with his friends while playing.

So serious!

And Greg got off work early to take him to the DOL - Department of Licensing.  NO!!!!!

Waiting . . .

The beginning of signature writing, definitely a step into adulthood!
Standing in front of the DOL with his temporary learner's permit.

He's learning to drive!!!!

This is going to be my regular view for awhile.  I needed to sit in the back when Kylen was really little; now, I'll be sitting in the back for the opposite reason!  Full circle!

We ate at Red Robin.

This dessert is called "Mountain High Mud Pie."  He also got a free birthday sundae and shared both desserts with Greg.  They let us bring our own candle and lighter.

Our boy is 15!!!!!!!  And DRIVING!  !!!!!!!!!!


katrina said...

Kylen's smile when he is holding up the permit is priceless!!! Such a fun post celebrating your young man!