Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day Trip to Missoula

We took a lovely day trip to Missoula on Sunday to attend a wedding reception.  It is one of my favorite drives, three hours each way.  The scenery is fabulous!  We enjoyed seeing many of our Montana relatives.  Afterwards, we ate dinner at an Asian restaurant and checked out a couple spots by the river.  I've been wanting to do that each time we go, so I'm glad we finally did!

Kylen drove 3 1/2 of the six hours . . . at highway speeds . . . on curvy roads through mountains and next to water and steep drop-offs . . . My stressing out in the back was all for nought - he did really well.

The happy couple.  :)

My sister's boys.  It was a pleasant surprise running into them.  I love these two!

We found this restaurant called Face Club on tripadvisor.  The food was decent, and Greg and Kylen really enjoyed their Thai iced tea with milk.

Loved the yellow-orange napkins.

I had Phad Thai.  It came with sprouts on the side, which complimented the dish really well.

After our server found out we were from out of town, she asked if we'd seen "The Wave."  It's a spot on the river popular with surfers.  We looked, and sure enough, there was a guy on a board.  If you can see the two tiny black spots near center, the dude on left is riding the water.  Someday, when I get a new camera, hopefully it will have a better zoom!

At this spot, the smattering of green plants stood out in a sea of river rock.

Greg and Kylen discussing the heart rock I spotted.  Greg was holding the rock while acting like he was in love with me.  Which he was.  And is.  =)

Looking forward to next time!