Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Update 2015

We've fallen into a comfortable routine for summer.  Kylen's evenings are busy - he has something scheduled at least 3 nights a week between basketball, youth group, and cello lessons.  Add a birthday party here or there or dinner out with Greg's parents, and he doesn't have all that many quiet evenings.  But his days are open, so I decided to continue light schooling.  He is still working on finishing science, and I added a music appreciation course.  Plus, he practices cello, reads, writes, and watches the occasional educational documentary/show.  There are at least three regular activities that took place last summer that are no longer occurring, and since Kylen gets bored easily, it just made sense to continue school.  I am also allowing him more video game time, especially since he often plays with friends.  And, I have him pitch in extra around the house with chores and cooking.

As for me, I feel busy as ever!  Despite less pressure than during heavy school months, I have plenty to do.  Keeping up with my dietary needs is a constant challenge, and I NEED to start putting serious time into the art appreciation class I'm teaching at co-op in the fall.  One area I have made good progress on is preparing for next year.  Most of the curriculum is picked out and purchased.

Greg works on his programming projects every chance he gets, and we are trying out a new Bible study group we joined through a friend.  What else?  Games!  Puerto Rico, Dutch Blitz, Dominion . . . and loving our ac in this hot weather!!!!