Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tubing On Silver Mountain

When I was a kid, one of the highlights of winter was tubing down my grandparents' hill.  We no longer have access to that hill, but I've been wanting Kylen to experience tubing.  I've had a hard time getting motivated to make it happen, but I finally decided to ask my uncle's family if they would go with us, since they've tubed at ski resorts before.
View on the drive up.  There was some fog here, but it was a beautiful clear day at the resort.  We seriously could not have asked for more perfect weather.

Cousin Paul was able to join us!  And just look at that blue sky!  The sun was hurting our eyes!

A huge bonus was riding one of the longest gondolas in the world: 20 minutes each way.  It went fast!  I thought it was cool seeing more snow as we got higher.  One thing to note is that the gondolas really need some TLC.  The windows are very scratched up, and the one we rode going up smelled like someone had spilled a bottle of alcohol inside.  Yuck!

We arrived plenty early at the lodge, so we hung out, ate lunch, and visited.  Even though we brought our own lunches, we shared some yummy fries.

I was pretty nervous about how much walking there might be, but there wasn't much at all.  Riding the "magic carpet" was great.

Unfortunately, it was so regulated that a lot of the fun was taken out.  We couldn't form chains, and there was a guy who told us when we could go down.  It was worth going once, especially when you add in the gondola and hanging out with family, but I don't know that I would do it again.  I'm still hoping Kylen can eventually experience something closer to what I did. 

Silly guys!

We all agreed that we never enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa more.  Something about coming in after two hours of tubing, being cold - it was amazing.  And we had brownies and cinnamon rolls for dipping.  Heaven.

From the gondola on our ride back down.

We stopped at Wendy's for a bite to eat.  Overall, it was a very nice outing!