Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Update 2016

It was a typical month: school, co-op, a few outings.  Highlights were Valentine's Day, tubing, and the tea fundraiser I posted about.  A few other items of interest . . .

Experimenting for my art class!  This is a page from Wreck This Journal Everywhere.  Floating in water.

Our co-op had a Victorian tea field trip at The Roosevelt Inn.  I went without Kylen, because he's not big on outings with silly girls in frilly dresses, sipping tea and making polite conversation.  ;)

This window reminded me of Beauty and the Beast.  A single rose . . .

My uncle's family invited us to play laser tag.  Greg and Kylen already had plans, so it was just me.  It figures that the one time I go without them, I have my best games ever.  Of the many times I've played, I have MAYBE gotten a third place once.  Never a first.  I also do not do well when there are fewer players than the high 20's.  I got a 3rd out of 30 players the first game, which was amazing in itself.  But the second game . . .

I got a first!  That was a first!  And with only 16 players???  It was like a miracle.  My feet are usually too sore to walk fast enough to keep up with people as they move about, and the fewer the players, the harder to find.  I also have a difficult time going up ramps to the higher levels and often have to hang out on the bottom floor.  This night, my feet were in unusually good shape, and I was more mobile.  Even then, it's remarkable that I did so well.  I don't remember getting a first place even back before arthritis.

This meant a lot to me.  I grew up doing lots of competitive physical activities with family: volleyball, basketball, hockey, soccer, etc.  It's been tough not being able to participate or performing poorly due to disabilities.  I can only explain this as a gift, and I'm going to treasure the memory.  :)