Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2016 Highlights

October was another busy school month.  We had a couple gatherings with family/friends, my boys helped a family move, and I already did posts about the awesome birthday package and Halloween.  Kylen took the PSAT, and we had our first college campus visit: Moody Spokane.  It included information sessions, a campus tour, chapel service, lunch, housing tour, class visit for Kylen, and a student panel for questions.  It sure made the fact that our son is growing up a lot more real!

We are hoping to visit a few other campuses this year, but Moody seems promising.  They certainly aren't fancy, but that helps them keep costs low.  Many students graduate with little or no debt.  They don't have dorms.  Instead, students live in houses around the campus.  Kylen could easily drive, since it's 25 minutes away.

Oh!  One other highlight!  I told Kylen how to spell a word!  That hasn't happened in years.  I'm always the one asking him.  Curious which word it was?  "Distraught."