Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Amazing Birthday Gift

Something really neat happened in October.  My friend and cousin, Melody, sent me a belated 40th birthday package.  (It's tradition to send each other a birthday package several months late!)  It was definitely in the top five coolest things I've ever received by mail.  I was SO blown away!!!  She even got crafty and decorated the inside flaps of the box!  How cool is that???

The items were numbered 1-40.

So many wonderful things, but my favorites were the stickers and decorations for fall.

I immediately hung this on the wall.

It was fun to take items out and walk around the house, deciding where to put them.  I think my absolute favorites were the glass fruits.  They fit in perfectly with our fall theme.

Thank you, Melody!  This gave me a birthday memory I will always treasure, and your gift will keep on giving.  It inspired me to make my 40th birthday gifts to others extra special.  I'm already thinking about your 40th . . .  :)