Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monday's Co-op

My class went well this week! The theme was "Fun with the Five Senses," and fun it was!

Taste: I began by having the kids taste and guess some of the Bertie Bott’s flavors. I started right off with vomit. KIDDING! What kind of teacher do you think I am?? Actually, I disposed of the really nasty ones ahead of time and sorted the rest. I had them guess grass, pickle, and sausage. I let them volunteer to try soap, dirt, sardine and pepper. Then I handed out several yummy flavors to give relief to their taste buds. Don’t kids make great guinea pigs? ;-)

Smell: I had them all take a sniff of vanilla extract and talked about how things that smell good don’t always taste good! I discussed how we taste most things with our nose, etc. and handed out scratch and sniff stickers. I described microencapsulation in VERY simplistic language.

Feel: For this one I was extremely uncreative and had them feel inside brown lunch bags, guessing what was inside. Classic shower game. The funniest moment was one girl's reaction to a feather. She was disgusted thinking it was hair. LOL!

Hear: Played the beginning of Star Wars, Beethoven’s Fifth, and a kid’s song by Greg and Steve called "Listen and Move." I had them move in a circle while doing what the song asked: walk, tip-toe, run, skate, etc. They loved it, but they were very noisy!

See: I passed around a couple of optical illusions printed from the net, had them hold up one finger to see two, and handed out a Magic Eye picture. They barely had time to try it before class was over!


Kelli said...

Such wonderful and fun ways to teach the kids, Farrah!