Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yard Curiosities

About a month ago I snapped some shots of spring around our yard . . . And never got around to posting them! My favorite was of a leaf left over from last fall. We found several of these during our clean up. Portions between the veins had decomposed leaving behind these intricate and delicate details . . . natures lace. Isn't it spectacular? In the midst of death and decay, there is beauty and wonder in God's creation. Isn't He thoughtful, making this leaf to fall in just the right place and have just the right conditions so that I could enjoy it? How I love and praise Him!

Here are our tulips back then:

Here they are now:

Greg got some really nice shots:

For several years I have wanted to hang a couple of baskets from our porch but never saw any I really loved. This year I found some gorgeous ones for sale in the doctor's office (on behalf of boy scouts) of all places! Most of them were sold. I was grateful to get two out of the last three.

Our new watering can:


Unknown said...

What beautiful photos of your tuplips and Spring entering your world! They are just gorgeous! Love the watering can too. It's beautiful!!

Kelli said...

That leaf is so neat, Farrah! I also love your tulips...such a pretty pink!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

that is a neat leaf

your tulips are beautiful

great photos

love the colour of your watering can


Anonymous said...

I really like the red watering can. You can use it as a decoration too!