Monday, May 5, 2008

More of Him

Kylen and I have been reviewing portions of his astronomy book that he learned earlier in the year. The parts about light got me to thinking about how marvelously God, in His infinite wisdom, has built into nature material from which to draw spiritual lessons.

My thoughts ran thus: Light in its purest and most complete form includes every color of the rainbow. Such light is called “white” light. Black is the absence of all color. A black object will absorb all of the colors and reflect nothing. This is why black is the worst color to wear in the sun. It will heat up while absording the light. In turn, an object with all of the colors will reflect all of those colors.

God is the source of white light, and each of us is an “object” reflecting that light. The fruits of the spirit might be the various colors. Ideally, we would reflect the full spectrum by displaying all of the fruits: love, joy, peace, etc. If we are lacking in any of these areas, we are not reflecting Christ as we should. Satan, representing complete evil or the color black, is incapable of reflecting light. Any good bestowed upon him would be wasted, absorbed and lost. His end will be very hot indeed.

Let us always strive to be white lights in a dark and dieing world. Let us strive to reflect Jesus in all we say and do!

More of this meme.


lauralavon said...

Beautiful truth!

Unknown said...

Farrah, thanks so much for sharing!!! What a wonderful perspective - simple yet profound.