Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Greg and Kylen spent many hours over several days scraping primer/texture/paint off the entire floor to ensure the carpet would stick when glued down.  Normally it wouldn't matter with regular carpet and padding, but we decided on commercial carpet without padding.  We wanted the floor to be hard enough to bounce balls.  After most of the scraping was done, we were told it wasn't necessary.  Oh well.  The boys got a good workout!

Here the upper "less white" portion had already been scraped while the lower area hadn't.

The carpet people came two days in a row, only staying 2 or 3 hours each time.  The first day they added cement in a spot where the floor was too low and left it to dry overnight.  The second day they installed the carpet.  We were pleased with how well it matched our paint color!

Greg's been installing outlets.  Crazy how many of them are required by law!
The boys were SOOO excited about being able to play hockey again!  They had their first game that evening on the same day it was installed.
Next step: cabinets and trim!


katrina said...

this little sneak peek is AWESOME!!!