Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Update

Happy 2013, and praise the Lord for a great 2012!  Last year had its share of trials and difficulties like always, but those often seem to grow us, don't they?  I definitely grew!  My goal this year is to work on OCD tendencies: letting go when life isn't perfect, not stressing about whether everything is just so.  I want to rest in the Lord and remember that He's in control even when it may not seem like it.  I want to NOT assume the worst in others, to love people more, and enjoy the blessings God has given us.

Our year started busy, but things are finally slowing down to a comfortable level.  We're back in a regular school routine with two days of co-op under our belts.  I'm taking my first break from teaching in a very, very long time and . . . LOVING it!  I actually laughed when we got out of the car the first day, and there wasn't a bunch of stuff to put away.  Planning lessons, gathering and packing supplies, transporting stuff, getting it out for class, packing it back up, bringing it home, putting it all away . . . the entire process is pretty tiring, and I'm unusual in that I bring everything but the kitchen sink.  Well, not quite, but it does get ridiculous.  It'll be nice not worrying about all that for three months.  I get to chat with members, help where needed, observe classes.  With such an easy schedule, I'll probably be taking the classroom pictures for our yearbook, which I don't like doing (interrupting teachers and walking all over the place with sore feet!), but that will only require two days.  The other six should be fairly low key!

We've added voice lessons to Kylen's schooling.  He's not big into singing, but he needs to while practicing guitar.  We're hoping lessons will help him improve in that area, and the instructor is a good friend, which is a huge bonus!  At co-op, Kylen's taking basketball and continuing with Latin/Greek roots and guitar.  So he's actually practicing guitar for two different instructors: one at co-op, and one through private lessons.  He seems to be handling it well.  We are continuing with math, history, science, geography, Bible, God's World News, German, and writing stories.  I also scheduled his annual testing for later this month.

Oh!  And we're happy with how the basement is progressing!  The main areas should be finished by February.  We'll be completing the office and bath later, but those areas will be behind closed doors.  It will LOOK finished when we walk down there, and that will be amazing!

Praying all of you are having a wonderful start to your year.  I'm looking forward to another 12 months of sporadic blogging and hope you enjoy stopping by occasionally, seeing what we're up to, maybe even finding something of use or encouragement now and then.  Blessings!  :)


katrina said...

I LOVE these posts!! Updates are so much fun and I feel like I know what you are all up to!