Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our Favorite Christmas Gifts

I probably wouldn't normally do a Christmas present post, but we got such nice gifts from a variety of friends and family, I wanted to share a few pics.  Plus, it gives a glimpse into some of our interests!

So cute!  Friends brought it back from their trip to CA.  Note: we removed the chocolate!
Half pound Reece's cups from Hubby from my wishlist!
Perfect combo: I'm crazy about tiny things and parties.
We'll all enjoy learning some new strategy board games!

From my friend Kris.  I love these!

Kylen's Favorite

Beautiful Chess Set from Greg's Parents

Always my favorite Christmas gift.  Kylen paints this in a class, and it gets wrapped before he brings it home.
From Melody.  Sitting next to our nativity set!

Who doesn't like gift cards?!

Then there are the super hero glasses, Kylen's LEGO calendar, Kris got crafty and made us a dry erase board with backgrounds that can be swapped out, my mom set me up to try out Chinese brush painting (always up for trying a new art!), and there were lots more things I could post about, but it's too much work!  Lol!  Thank you everyone!


katrina said...

i don't usually do gift posts either, but this was A LOT of fun! Gives a glimpse into all of your interests and likes :)