Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter was BEAUTIFUL here, probably our nicest day yet!  The predicted high was in the upper 60's, and I was dying to go outside.  That didn't happen, because we were preparing for company, BUT . . . it was good!!  Greg's parents make the drive to our house but once a year, and being so rare, it's always extra special having them here.  :-)

Continuing with our holiday changes, we didn't do an egg hunt this time.  However, we still decorated eggs, since they are part of the meal.  I was looking for something different to try on pinterest and found a gal's post about using Kool-Aid.  For some reason, the idea really tickled my fancy, and that's what we did!  It felt easier than the food color tablets.  Little stirring, no vinegar, vibrant colors, and true to the blogger's comments: yummy smells add to the experience!

We used the sticker and rubber band techniques to lend variety.  Greg doesn't usually get much into it, but I was pleasantly surprised that he stayed from beginning to end!  Of those I decorated, my favorite was one with stars.  I chose it for knocking, and it ended up the champion!  It did so well, that Greg's dad thought it was rigged!  Plus, it was the only egg I took an individual picture of beforehand.  It was just meant to be.  ;-)

Greg said that growing up, he looked more forward to Easter than Christmas, and the best part was knocking eggs.  In Romania, Easter was the bigger holiday.  It makes sense that people would celebrate Jesus' resurrection more than his birth.  I wonder how it came to be the other way around in the US?  And I really love how their egg knocking tradition puts emphasis on the resurrection.

Each Easter I like to take a moment to reflect on the wonder of what Jesus did and all that it means for us.  After my usual Bible reading, I was getting up to start the day, when I felt an urge to sit back down and flip over to the resurrection story.  I figured we'd all read it together later and almost ignored the prompting.  But then I read and was blessed.  Turns out we never got to it, so I'm glad I listened!  But it's such a wondrous thing, isn't it?  What Jesus did for us?  It's truly wonderful!




katrina said...

Hello there! I haven't had a chance to get caught up and I was missing you....what a wonderful post to find this morning. Michael and I both read it and got us into a good talk about how opposite it is here...Christ's birth being focused on more than His resurrection. Your family time sounded wonderful and those eggs are lovely. Hope you get more beautiful spring days so you can get outside and enjoy!

Farrah said...

Thank you, Katrina! I've missed your blogging, too! But I sure do know what is means to be busy!