Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Risk Legacy: Game 2

Our second game of Risk Legacy was pretty dreary for me.  I was left scratching my head when Kylen and Ryan both targeted me early on and destroyed both my large armies in the same round.  It's hard to recover in this game when you're ganged up on, and it was made worse by Kylen's realization that he might have a chance at opening one of the secret envelopes if he wiped me off the board.  He never left me alone after that, and I had no chance to recover.  Greg came to my assistance a few times, but he started having his own struggles.  Kylen actually came pretty close to eliminating me, but I was able to hold on to a couple territories to the very end.  (Truth be told, I wasn't as upset as I usually would be about doing so poorly.  I was kinda hoping to be wiped out - We're all anxious to find out what's inside one of those secret envelopes!)  The last few rounds, it was clear that Ryan and Kylen were the frontrunners.  Ryan made his move first and claimed his last victory point by taking Kylen's capital, with men to spare.  For his prize, he named South America "Pancake Island" (inside story going way back).  The three losers chose to name minor cities again.  I'm disappointed I didn't have a better shot at victory, but that's the way the die bounces!

Ryan Signing the Board