Saturday, March 2, 2013

Risk Legacy: Game 1

I can't remember the last time I was this pumped about a new game!  My brother Ryan tries to join us for game nights twice a month.  It's awesome, because we all have similar tastes: long games, lots of strategy.  Kylen got this new version of Risk for Christmas, and we finally broke it out Saturday.  Our journey will last 15 games.  We'll play as different factions with different strengths and weaknesses.  We'll shape our world right down to naming the continents and cities.  Whoever wins the most games by the end will get to name the planet.  The box actually has several unopened pockets with contents that remain secret until triggered by a specific event, such as the first time a faction is wiped out.  Is that COOL or WHAT??!

We all signed the board and recorded the date of our first game.  Greg won with a desperate run that came down to a single man, a single die roll.  If he hadn't succeeded, he would have been out of the running.  He had several reward options, but he chose to name the continent he won on.  In traditional Risk, it's known as Australia.  He called it "The Land Dad-Under," which we all thought was quite clever.  The other three of us got to name cities just for not getting obliterated.  Mine: Fairyopolis; Kylen's: Kyro; Ryan: City of Angels.

I can't wait until the next game!

Greg's Last Man and the HQ that Won Him the Game

We also had time for a game of Acquire.  Greg not-so-patiently put up with our hand-talking silliness.  Ryan won this one.  It wasn't such a good night for me or Kylen.  ;-)


katrina said...

AWESOME!!! My guys are all going to love this. They had not seen it yet. Their new game is Settlers of Catan (sp?) Looks like your night was a blast!

Farrah said...

We LOVE Settlers!