Monday, March 25, 2013

March Update

We've had an unusually relaxed March, especially so due to our month-long break from co-op.  Not that we haven't had busy days, but they weren't the stressful kind of busy.  Normally I'd be deep into preparations for teaching a class in the spring trimester, but I decided to take on our co-op's yearbook instead.  There's a learning curve, but so far it doesn't seem too bad!

School is going well, and I'm beginning to think about possible summer topics.  Right now, I'm leaning toward an in-depth study of the states.  Kylen hasn't learned much about them beyond light reading about Washington and memorizing capitals and abbreviations.  Such a study would be useful and interesting for us both, I think.

Some of our activities this month have included making a new stop-motion video, having company over, and going on outings with friends: fun stuff!  I finally finished our digital scrapbook for 2008 and ordered it last weekend - can't wait to look through it with Hubby and Sonshine!  Greg taught one of his lego classes at a library, and we attended a couple of birthday parties.  We are also trying out a new church.

Our friend lighting her son's birthday candles.

We're really enjoying our basement.  Lately we've been playing lots of monster tennis, a backyard/indoor version of the sport.  We bought our set around 10 years ago, but we didn't have a good place to use it until now.  It's one of the few ways I've found to get exercise that isn't hard on my joints.  Tennis was one of my favorite sports before arthritis, so I'm having a blast playing again!

Greg doing a round of monster tennis with our friend, Eric.


katrina said...

WOW!!! This is awesome! happy to hear that you are able to enjoy this! Such a great space.