Friday, March 22, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Tea

One of the ladies who came to my tea in February did indeed host a tea of her own!  Or her daughter, rather.  :-)  Laura did a fabulous job, definitely raising the bar with the addition of games and decorations.  We enjoyed a fine spread with plenty of green, several games, and good company.  I hope this continues!

I wore my favorite hat!
We started with a game, which I won!  The prize was one of Karla's mug cozy's, done in green of course!
Super cute prize, made by Laura: Leprechaun pants!  Also love Karla's green socks.  :-)
Homemade paper shamrocks were scattered here and there for heightened festivity.
Clearly a kindred spirit, judging by her fun hat!
I brought asparagus swiss tarts and pistachio salad.  Oh!  And the coconut m&m's, which were well received!
Laura Handing Out Rainbow Favors


katrina said...

What a fun tea! Looks like there was a lot of thought into all the details! wonderful that you have so many friends who also like tea parties!! I do not know many!! The last picture is excellent, like the contrast!