Saturday, May 3, 2014

April Update: I'm Alive!

I just wanted to do a quick post and affirm that I'm alive and fairly well (other than a cold I came down with Wednesday night).  Every spare second is still going into our co-op yearbook and my chocolate class.  It's shocking how time-consuming they are together!  My goal is to get the yearbook finished in the next week; my class will be done in a little over two weeks.  I can see the homestretch!

Kylen has finished English from the Roots Up and God's World News, with German not far behind.  Math will stretch into June, and if we finish the book, perhaps even further.  Public schools aim to complete 2/3 of their textbooks, but Greg would like us to finish, which I totally understand.

We should be done with state studies and history read alouds in a month.  Our current read aloud is - oh my - just absolutely amazing!!!!  I can't recommend this book highly enough!  It's called God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew and has seriously grown my faith.  I have cried multiple times, shook my head in wonder, sat there in awe - Kylen too!  (Well, not the crying part.)  I did have to skip or tone down a couple spots where worldly people engaged in inappropriate jesting, but other than that, it's quite family-friendly.

We have begun getting together with a couple of families about twice a month.  A friend is graciously hosting in their home.  There is a strong focus on relationships (both with God and man) and holy spirit leadership, which we find very appealing.  Sundays, we continue to enjoy online sermons by Francis Chan.  I'm also still attending the women's Bible group that takes place each week an hour before co-op.  It's a wonderful group of ladies, and I'll miss seeing them once co-op ends.  Hopefully, we can meet up somewhere occasionally.

Well, that's about it for now.  I hope everyone who sees with post is happy and well.  How exciting that summer is just around the corner!  I hope to make up for my lack of posts during that time.  :-)


katrina said...

LOVE this post! You "sound" so very good! Going to check out your book suggestion :)