Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Summer Outing

Our first summer outing was to Riverfront Park last Sunday afternoon.  In addition to the usual -  seeing the falls, taking in an imax, riding the carousel - we did quite a bit of walking and eventually made our way to P.F. Changs.  It was warm enough to dine outside!  One of our appetizers was the edamame.  Until now, I have mostly seen just the beans and didn't realize how common it is to serve them steamed in the pod.  The pods clearly weren't edible (Greg tried!), and it didn't make sense for all the flavoring to be on the outside.  After breaking open about half them, I decided to ask our server about it.  He was very gracious with his explanation, merely suggesting that "some people" like to pull the beans out using their teeth.  Ah!  So that's how it works!  The beans tasted a lot better that way.

After leaving the restaurant, we walked through Riverpark Square and ended up in an area that was under construction last year but is now finished.  It's very nicely landscaped with places for sitting (or climbing!), water features, and a path down to the lower area.  The gondolas from Riverfront Park were going by overhead.  We were impressed!


katrina said...

We drove past that park when we were lost last weekend! We wished we had time to get out and look around. your pictures are beautiful. I am sharing them with my guys! We were all so disappointed that I dropped the ball on getting back to you. I heard about it all weekend!! We were so up and down about going or not going I had forgotten to email and remembered when we were packing! I messed that up!!