Thursday, May 22, 2014

Easter 2014

We missed hosting Greg's parents this year for Easter.  They weren't able to make it, but we decided to have a little feast anyway, just the three of us.  We had many of the usual foods, including eggs for knocking.  A pleasant and unexpected surprise was when some friends invited us last minute to join them for dinner that evening!  It made the day more special.  :-)

A few pages from the daily calendar Kris gave me for Christmas that were on the fridge.  I've really enjoyed that calendar.

Some of our eggs.

The lunchtime meal.

We gave Kylen a few gifts: some comics, a Star Wars book, and video game.

Our friends had ducklings!  I loved the contrast between them and the green grass, but I had a hard time getting a shot that wasn't blurry.  They were constantly on the move!
They had some finger foods out before the main meal.  I'd never eaten purple and yellow carrots before.  They tasted just like the usual orange ones!  Aren't the colors pretty?