Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shoshone Base Camp: Farrah's Viewpoint

Just before school started, the boys went to camp for three days and two nights with a bunch of homeschooling families from our co-op.  Similar to what we did two years ago.  Greg thought it would be neat if we each did a different post on our experience, and I'm going first!

Things were very different for me, because . . . I stayed home!  Yes, indeedy!  And it was great!  For the most part and . . . weird.  It was the first time I've been home alone at night since Greg and I got married 15 years ago.  All those hours solo - very interesting.  I got a ton accomplished, spent way too much time sitting at the computer (actually got sore from it), had no concept at all of time passing.  I enjoyed my morning communion with the Lord more than I have in years, because my head was completely empty of all responsibility and distraction, and I could just be totally relaxed and focused on Him.  That part truly was awesome.  A surprising challenge was that I wanted to eat constantly.  I got tired of the monotony in my routine.  I definitely missed my boys and had to work hard at not worrying about them.  The worst part was at night.  I was terrified of sleeping in the house alone.  I did lots of praying but was still terrified!  I didn't want to turn lights off and my sleep was fitful.  Overall?  I'd do it again, because it was perfect for getting caught up on stuff right before school, and I really wasn't ready to "rough it" after having just gone camping a few weeks earlier.  I was glad to be in my own bed and not to need to prepare all my food ahead!

I have no pictures, because I was at home, but Greg took plenty.  He and Kylen will share some in their posts.


katrina said...

Glad you had such sweet time with the Lord and time to get things done..I would be the same at nights!!