Friday, September 26, 2014

Shoshone Base Camp: Kylen's Viewpoint

Well, here I am with my take on the Shoshone camp. It was really fun, with lots of activities, Gaga Ball, and, yes, nature. The counselors were awesome, incorporating humor, fun, and devotions into the experience.
Throughout the weekend several people put on little humorous skits. This was one that we did during the morning meet at the flag pole. I was supposed to inform everybody that we were having a "gravity check," and then several of my friends jumped up and came down again. Logan even made it more dramatic by falling over upon landing!
Here I'm getting ready to be hoisted up for the giant swing.
"Off we gooo, into the wild blue yonder..." WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
This was one of the activities on the challenge course. The idea is for the kids to stand on the slab in such a way so that it is balanced, with neither end touching the ground.
I dubbed this old-fashioned house, "Nick Fury's cabin," after mishearing the counselor talk about it. The actual name is the McPherson cabin, but I like mine better. Apparently, they actually transported this entire structure from another location and reassembled it here. Some of the people had to spend an entire day searching for one log after the numbers were stolen by wild critters!
I heard one of the girls saying how scary climbing this tree was. I shrugged the comment off until actually mounting the thing myself. The climbing hooks only protruded from the tree about an inch or so, and, being a pretty "big guy," it was pretty challenging. However, I did make it to the top, and the subsequent zip line ride was fun. That's one of the counselors up on the platform, who helped the kids through the final steps of getting ready to go. I'm the one clinging to the tree for dear life a few feet above the ladder.
This was possibly my favorite activity: Gaga Ball. The name sounds weird, but it's actually very fun! The players gather on the inside edge of the octagonal playing field. Someone tosses the ball into the center, and after the third bounce it's fair game. Whoever is brave enough swipes the ball with their hands, sending it toward the other players. The object of the game is to avoid getting hit in the legs while attempting to get other people out. My strategy was, for the majority of the time, defensive; though I had a couple of pretty good runs where I got several people out.

Both mornings we got up early to play board games. Risk was the most popular. That's me standing in the background, plotting my next move.
The last day was Sunday, and we had a devotion time that morning. A couple of the dads even led us in a few songs. The simple cross in the background reminded me of Fireproof.


katrina said...

WOW that tree looks so tall!!! Fun pictures and great perspective. I especially like the last one with the cross during devotion time. Glad you had such a fun time.