Saturday, September 27, 2014

Spokane Fair 2014

I was thrilled when Kylen told me this was the most he remembers enjoying the fair!  The only thing we did different was to go later in the day.  It was close to the same amount of time, just shifted by several hours.  Probably knowing most of a day wasn't stretching before him made the difference.  It also worked better for Greg, because he didn't need to leave work as early.

Somehow, I don't think this is the message originally intended!
Thought these cakes were cute.  You can tell little fingers had gotten to them!
This was a very large round table.  It was amazing!  Wonder how long it took to make?
We HAD to try the glazed doughnut cheeseburgers!  This is one hyped food that lived up to it's reputation.  Kylen and I LOVED it!  Greg was, "meh."  I was standing a few booths away while they ordered, and there was a couple standing nearby talking about how wrong this combination is, how gross, etc.  I was amused and couldn't help bragging about how my husband and son were ordering it at that very moment!  Lol!
While we were on the huge wheel, a bag in Greg's backpack flew overboard without him knowing.  I saw it fly out.  Greg actually managed to spot it on the ground from up in the air, and we were able to retrieve it.
One of Greg and Kylen's favorites.
Amusement ride shadows.
Loved the names on the big pumpkins!
Isn't the veggie Yoda cool?
Greg observing bees.
Honey sticks.
My brother introduced me to this ride last year, and it's my fav.  I had to go alone, but Kylen said he might be willing to go next time . . . Keeping my fingers crossed!