Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Babies & Cupcakes

My brother called on Easter and said his wife made some cupcakes they would like to share.  They came over the following evening, and I was SO impressed!!  They looked like something straight out of a magazine!  I waited until the next day to take pics, and by that time, half of them were gone!

Even better, we got to meet my new little niece!  She really is cute!!!  Greg got to hold her first.

We took the opportunity to give them our gifts.

I enjoy watching their little family.  Takes me back to our early days of marriage when Kylen was a baby.  :)


Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes are sooo cute! And the baby is adorable. -Karen :o)

Farrah said...

Hi, Karen!!!! =)

katrina said...

Oh she is adorable!! Yum cupcakes! I am awful at frosting them!!