Thursday, April 16, 2015

Texas Roadhouse

We go to Texas Roadhouse once or twice a year, and it's usually with my uncle's family.  We met them there the day before Easter for a little catching up.  The food is about as unhealthy is as gets, but it's SOOOO good!

You get to snack on peanuts while waiting to be seated.  Then, they start you off with fresh-baked rolls and cinnamon honey butter (along with a pail of peanuts just in case you didn't get your fill yet).

I always order ribs, mashed potatoes with sour cream/butter/cheese, and buttered corn.  Greg usually gets steak and ribs.  Kylen prefers a burger almost anywhere we go.  Although their ribs and sides are to die for, Greg has had a couple steaks that were not up to par.  I stopped ordering them myself, because I got tired of sending them back.  I remember the first time we went there, my steak was practically raw.  When I notified the waitress, she told me about how expert the cooks are and how they know what they are doing and how medium well is a strip of pink through the middle.  Well, yeah, I know what medium-well is, Lady; that's why I order it that way.  Then, I tried to show her my medium-raw meat in a darkened restaurant.  I'm not sure she was convinced, but she took it back.  So when the same thing happened the next time we went, I switched to ribs.  They may have improved in this area, but I like the ribs so much, I've been content to stick with 'em.

This is my weirdo husband, and I'm so proud of him!!

A little side note about this place: they play country music and occasionally crank up the sound while the servers line-dance.  I know this might be objectionable for some, so I thought I'd mention it.  We've never gone for lunch, but I've heard that's a better time if this is a concern.


katrina said...

That hamburger is GIANT!!!! Everything looks amazing! Odd question...where does Greg find his t-shirts? He always has creative, fun ones!

Farrah said...

That's not an odd question at all! Occasionally, someone will ask us that. We've had good success with Amazon, ComputerGear, and Wal-Mart. :)

katrina said...

Great...thank you! I will check those three out! :)

Farrah said...

You're welcome!!! I hope you find some good ones! =)