Friday, April 3, 2015

March Update

Already a week into April!

As mentioned in my February update, we were on break from co-op most of March.  We had an unusually large number of social gatherings, especially Kylen.  He went to three birthday parties!  I love it when he has lots of opportunities for seeing friends.  He has begun going to a weekly church youth group that he seems to like a lot.  We hosted his friends a few times, met family and friends for dinner, and started back up attending a monthly Bible group.  Greg is no longer going to his men's group Friday mornings, but he and Kylen are still enjoying a youth group for boys and their dads.  So even though we didn't have co-op, it still felt like a pretty busy month!

Recently, I've been feeling a desire to begin reducing my responsibilities at our co-op.  Much of my free time over the last 10 years has gone into INCH, and it has been incredibly rewarding (and sometimes stressful).  Overall, I was happy to do it, but I am  getting the strong sense that it is time to begin winding down and putting my energy other directions.  I thought I would be sad, but I'm feeling mostly excitement, as I begin transitioning toward life after Kylen graduates.  I've made arrangements for handing off two big responsibilities for next year: planning our co-op's Christmas party and preparing the family bins each trimester.  The following year I would like to hand over all the picture taking for the yearbook.  Probably last will be sending out the weekly newsletter, but we shall see!

I'm hoping we can make progress on a few home projects in April related to decluttering and do a bit of work in the yard.

Spring is here!  :)


katrina said...

I LOVE having the time to sit with a cuppa tea and catch up with you! Are you attending the church the youth group is at? the last I remember was that you were not attending one. Anxious to hear if you are, if you like it! Oh, and a dad/boy youth group sounds awesome!!!

Farrah said...

Me too, Katrina! =)

We aren't attending the church where our son goes to youth group. We listen to sermons online, but we get lots of opportunities for fellowship with Christian friends. :) We all attend a monthly gathering in which we worship with several other families in someone's home: sing, pray, and have deep spiritual discussions. The youth group was recommended to us by a friend whose son is Kylen's age and really enjoyed it. So he gave it a shot and found he liked it too! I attend a small women's Bible study at our co-op, although it doesn't run through summer. My boys study the Bible together in the evenings, and I study in the mornings. Interestingly, I feel like we all have a pretty active and vibrant spiritual life despite not being plugged in to a church. I'm not opposed to attending one again, but it just isn't where God is drawing us right now. =)

katrina said...

I love what you have in place for you and your family. We were actually thinking of heading the same way...if the church we attend now is not what it seems! We have only been there a few months but we are not going to keep looking.

Farrah said...

I don't know if it's due to getting nearer the end times, but it seems like a good church is really rare. But I also don't think assembling together must take place in a church building. It can happen anywhere "two or three are gathered" in His name. Between our own studies, gatherings with others, and online sermons, we feel we're well fed spiritually. I think it's a great alternative when there isn't a church God is calling us to attend. I guess ultimately we just need to be led by the Lord, and that isn't always to a church building. I'll say a prayer for you guys! =)