Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Update

Summer is nearly over!  We will be starting school tomorrow.  I got sufficient rest and am ready to plunge into fall!!

August was fairly calm like July, and in between the few regularly scheduled activities of basketball, youth group, and cello for Kylen and Bible study for us, we had several gatherings with loved ones in a variety of settings, including a trip to the KROC for a chat with a friend while our kids exercised, having two of my siblings' families over, going out to dinner with Greg's parents, meeting at a house with several families for dinner/games, entertaining a group of old classmates from our Gonzaga days, having a friend over for an afternoon of conversation while our boys played Risk and chess, and we even managed a trip to the Farmer's Market during their Pie Festival. And we even bought a pie!  We decided our own homemade blackberry pies are much, much better and made perhaps five of them over the span of several weeks - all the berries picked from our one blackberry bush!  Kylen had fun at a summer swim bash.  We also had a great time trying a new pizza place, bowling, and playing basketball with friends.  I spent oodles of hours researching for my art class.  Greg has been connecting with his uncle via phone a couple times a month.  He lives in Europe, and it's been great for them to get reacquainted after all these years.  That's one new activity I don't think will be ending with summer!

And now it's time for me to do a post about the upcoming school year.  I shall begin  without delay!


katrina said...

YAY! Sounds like a wonderful time. I am so glad to hear Kylen enjoyed himself so much! Oh, and your pictures, as always, are fabulous!!