Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer's Last Hurrah

I'm an amusement park enthusiast.  I would much rather spend a week at Disneyland than a week at the beach.  :)  I was crushed when Kylen admitted a year or two ago that he really doesn't care for amusement parks.  Or the fair.  At all.  Part of the fun is enjoying rides with others, especially my own son!  I tried to swallow my disappointment and accept that he's different from me that way.  But then he surprised me when he enjoyed the fair last year.  Which brings us to Tuesday.

It's been our goal to visit Silverwood one day each summer.  I don't think that happened last year . . . or the year before.  We were strolling past the discounted tickets at Costco recently, and I thought, "We should go!"  My boys were willing.  We procrastinated until the last full week they were open (this week!), Greg took off work to avoid the crowds, and we made the 45 minute trip over.  We arrived shortly after they opened and stayed until they closed.  A FULL day.  And Kylen LOVED it!  He said it was the best time he could ever remember there.  Yahoo!!

Some of his dread came from roller coasters.  He was pressured a lot as a child to ride them.  I won't say I wasn't in on it, but I didn't push him as hard as some.  And there were attractions at Disneyland he was scared of that we talked him into.  He thinks all that pressuring turned him off to rides, and I've felt pretty bad about it.  Yesterday, once again he was dreading the roller coasters.  We told him he didn't need to ride them, but he wanted to.  And he wanted to get them over with first.  Well, he rode one, and rode again.  Then he went on another, and another.  He rode one several more times - in a row!  Then, he wanted to see what it was like to ride after dark and stepped off proclaiming it was the best ride experience of his life!  And he's really looking forward to going next year!  Well, how about that?!  We might turn this boy into an amusement park enthusiast after all!

We ended with me going on the SpinCycle for the first time.  My boys didn't want to try it, but Kylen said he might go next year.  It was much less intense than I expected, easier to ride than a roller coaster.


Anonymous said...

As always, you have the best photos of any blog I've seen. Love them! Looks like a great day at Silverwood (and I just love that name). We are like total opposite. My dd loves amusement parks and rides. But I am a merry-go-round kinda gal myself. That is about as much of a ride as I can handle. Isn't that always the way? That looks like a fun place though.
~ Laurie

Farrah said...

Thank you! I appreciate your enthusiasm!! I'm no professional, that's for sure, but I sure do enjoy taking pictures. Sometimes I think maybe it's better I don't know more. I might get so caught up in the right way to do things, I may not enjoy it as much!