Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Field Trip for French

Wow, it's been awhile since I last blogged!  We haven't done much this month other than school-related activities, but we did get to try a new restaurant.  And technically, even THAT fit into school!  :)

The owners and cuisine of Fleur de Sel are French, which made for a unique experience.  In fact, I counted our time there as a field trip for French class.  Greg and I did not care for the food - perhaps French food just isn't our style - but Kylen found an appetizer, main dish, and desserts he loved.  Pretty rare!  If anything, it's usually the opposite at "fancy" restaurants: we'll like the food, and he won't!

We ate outside, which was lovely on a warm evening.  Even though part of the view was a parking lot, they did a fine job with ambiance - greenery and lighting in particular .  We noticed some unusual details such as the design of the knives, but our biggest surprise was their reaction to being asked for a dessert menu.  Apparently that is not done until the table is cleared.

As the meal progressed and the diners around us left, we were eventually alone.  It made for a strange sensation.  I think it's because there were still people inside, and our lighting was dim, but it felt like we were isolated . . . and through the windows I could see a warm and lively group of which we were not a part.  It would have been perfect . . . if we were on our honeymoon!

Overall, it was a worthwhile outing, and we may visit again.  Only next time, we'll do things a little differently.  We are teachable, after all, especially on a field trip!


Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

And... you take pictures in the restroom! Too funny!

I did a restaurant review post today, too. Very different experience than yours, for sure.

Farrah said...

It was a very nice restroom! ;) What are the chances of us both posting a restaurant review the same day?! Speaking of which, you have been fantastic about blogging lately. Good for you! I've been terrible since school started. I've also been bad about reading them, but I'm all caught up on yours as of a few minutes ago! =)