Friday, August 12, 2016

Hawaii: Day 1 ~Traveling

We went to Hawaii for two weeks, the last week of July and first week of August.  Our expectations were super high.  Anyone I'd ever talked to who visited wanted to return.  We only take a major vacation every two years, so this trip was long waited for, desperately needed, and highly anticipated.

Our flight departed around noon, which gave us plenty of time to finish packing in the morning.  We arrived far earlier than needed and ended up with a good chunk of wait time.  That was fine, because they had good food (but slow service) and the boys brought their laptops.  We also had a three hour layover in Seattle.

I stepped off the plane into suffocating humidity.  The Hawaii airport wasn't very cool, Kylen and I waited forever outside while Greg got the car rental, it took us forever to find our condo.  We must have driven past it a couple times.  Then, it took us forever to find the elevator up to our rooms.  By the time we got inside, I was pretty done.  They didn't turn on the AC, and it was a furnace in there.  Honestly, I feel like they could have turned it on to help out us poor travelers who are used to drier climates.

On the upside, our condo was decent.  Not without issues, but decent.

The welcome basket was a nice touch.  It also had a sweet card with a handwritten welcome note.

Unfortunately, the AC didn't reach the bedrooms well, my glass sliding door whistled unless I opened it a crack, and then I got to hear women screeching in the middle of the night.  I discovered my ceiling fan rattled and then my floor fan started making noise.  I had a complete meltdown, not knowing how I was going to get any sleep the whole week in that awful heat.  I prayed for a miracle and considered canceling the trip.  That was the first day!


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