Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hawaii: Day 8 ~ Traveling, Oahu, Family

On day eight, we finished packing, loaded up the car, and visited our last Big Island eatery: a small healthy breakfast joint that specializes in acai bowls.

Here's what it is and how you pronounce it.

Up the stairs.

Pictures on the ceiling.

I had the Forager, with blueberries subbing in for bananas.

None of us had ever tried an acai bowl before, but it quickly grew on us.  It's incredibly refreshing in hot weather.  Almost like ice cream, but not nearly as sweet and a whole lot more healthy.

View from their little table.

I stopped just long enough to snap a few pics and headed downstairs to share with Greg and Kylen.

On to the airport.  One of Hawaii's favorite mythology stories was posted inside.

They served us guava punch on the plane.  How could it not be delicious?  Second ingredient is cane sugar.  :)

And the airplane stewardesses wore a flower in their hair.  Very aloha.  :)  And when we got off the plane, my uncle's family presented us with leis.  Very, VERY aloha!  They did that for each family as they arrived.  It was a mini family reunion.

When Greg got the car, he stored the leis in the back window.  I thought it looked neat through the glass.

We parted ways with my relatives to do grocery shopping and grab dinner at Haleiwa Joe's, which was delicious.  Eating is clearly serious business:

We really shouldn't have, but we splurged on dessert.

Had a terrible time finding the house but finally made it.  That trouble of finding places?  It plagued us the remainder of the trip.  It was a problem on the Big Island, but it felt 10 times worse in Oahu for a variety of reasons.

I went on a little tour.  Nothing fancy, but it worked for the most part.  These were our rooms.

The kitchen.

This was a common scene mornings and evenings.  :)

They gave me cream puffs for my birthday!

We got nice pics of everyone standing straight and smiling with their leis, but I like these shots better.  They remind me of something Norman Rockwell might like to paint.  This is family.

And that was one of the best parts about Oahu.  Spending time with family.