Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hawaii, Day 10 ~ The Polynesian Cultural Center

We spent most of our second day on Oahu at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

But first, some morning pool.

We arrived around lunchtime and grabbed a bite at the PCC.  It rained during our meal, but it was kinda fun eating in ponchos.  (Or at least, I thought it was.  Greg found it annoying!)

Kylen passed on the poncho.

The food at Tita's Grill was delicious.

It's best not to arrive late at the PCC.  It can be compared to a Disneyland without rides.  There are six villages, and 2 or 3 of them have a show every half hour.  We were delayed for a couple of reasons, and it felt like we were running the rest of the day.  We made three of the six shows.  Wish we could have seen them all!  Our tickets allowed us to return the next two days, but we opted to do other activities on our list.

We caught the end of the Fiji show.

There was a canoe pageant.

Our favorite show was at the Islands of Samoa.  The speaker was hilarious.

One guy climbed a coconut tree.

I think this was the Islands of Tonga.  They had volunteers come up later in the show.  Lots of great humor in this one too.

We had an all you can eat buffet dinner.  When we first got in line, we didn't see our family.  A woman who worked there encouraged us to go and do something else rather than stand in line and then return later when it was shorter.  We shouldn't have listened to her.  We probably just barely missed my family, and we didn't know pictures were taken at the entrance.  So we missed the group shot and were just starting our meal when everyone else was finishing.  We did another group shot together, but it was a bit challenging.  All that trouble because we didn't stay in line!  Oof!

The evening ended with a 1 1/2 hour night show on a very elaborate stage!  Because we didn't make reservations until late the morning of, we had poor seats.  I'm OK being up high, but it really bothered me watching from the side.  Greg and Kylen didn't care, but throughout the show, I kept thinking, "That must look really cool from center."  I guess it's the artist in me.

Kylen enjoyed this day, but I struggled with rushing, extra walking, being outside in the heat, and various frustrations throughout the day.  If I could do it over, I would have researched in advance and ordered tickets early.  And, of course, we would have arrived on time if we could have.  I think it's a great place to visit, but advance planning is highly recommended.