Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July 2017

July was another busy month, between Greg and Kylen's play and various get-togethers.  We had my brother's family over, I went out to lunch with a friend, we met old college pals at a restaurant when one was in town:

It was time to change the theme for the decor in our living area and put away the word magnets on the fridge.  Some of my favorite words/phrases this time:

he he he
time to play ball with the dragon . . . fire is joy
the space battle is live
geeking out about digital galoshes
never grow up
i am dad . . . you are my family
man, the white cloud's so soft
will they pull off an empire from dark hard drive interface?
good woman . . . teach us of speed cooking . . . do not ask it of me
that's no moon
i love you . . . i know
i think that kid's the avatar
to err is computer
the server always downloads their horrible upgrade
you make me believe in love [One of Greg's contributions!  Awwwww!]
how could boy monkey write linear source code for his dream girl?
share a silly garden together
imagine red candy . . . so sinister
wifi would rule one day
sing techy treky live action bot performance
say, it's a pig play
easy friend, put this stun tube under a bed
behind every system, there are mountains of information
get smarter
program more video game content
virus or cold?
she was sad when hub wanted laptop [written by me, of course lol]

I posted about the 4th of July here.

We went to a graduation at a roller rink!

I posted about the play here.

I got such a kick out of these coconuts at the grocery store.  I probably could have done an entire photo shoot with them.  :)  Greg took a few pics for me with his phone.

I posted about my birthday here.

And that was July!