Saturday, August 19, 2017

Late Summer Outing

To celebrate Kylen's completion of hunter's ed, we treated him out to dinner at Clinkerdagger.  It was such a nice evening that afterwards, we took a leisurely walk beside the river.  :)

We could still see traces of a wedding below that had just ended.


This is Kylen's meal, which he LOVED.  I have mixed feelings about this place.  The food is good but not good enough to justify the prices.  The outside seating and views were a bonus, but we had to deal with bees (which - to their credit - they warned us about).  It wasn't horrible, but it was annoying. One of my biggest complaints is that the food was sloppily plated.  You don't see it on Kylen's plate below (I cleaned it up a bit with my photo editor), but my plate was excessively sloppy with smears of food everywhere.  I don't remember having this problem at any other restaurant, except maybe a place like Denny's.  It's inexcusable at a pricey establishment.  And our server was quite cool, almost to the point of rudeness.

Time for our walk!  This area is right next to the restaurant.

On to the falls!

Greg captured a couple of really nice shots of the dam!