Sunday, August 27, 2017

Short Trip to Montana

We've probably been to Montana more in the last three months than in the past 10 years!  There have been two funerals (very sad) and two wedding receptions (very happy).

This time we drove over for my cousin's wedding reception, near Great Falls.  We stopped about halfway, in Missoula, for lunch at Cafe Dolce.

Interesting ceiling.

Kylen got our glasses and water.  :)

I didn't order any tea, but I would be interested in trying some if we make it back there again.

Fresh OJ!  More pulpy than I like but otherwise very good.

I didn't care for my bolognese (little flavor, mostly noodle, served lukewarm), but I would totally order one of their sandwiches.  Greg's was excellent, especially the textures.  The bread was soft inside, crispy outside.  And I liked the salad - very fresh, and the dressing was good.

Yummy ice cream!

After that delightful and relaxing layover, it was back to the highway!

We could see the effects of fires the entire drive, a slight haze in the sky.  At one point, we could see active fires, and we passed a bunch of firefighters once.  Here's a spot where it was particularly bad.

What should have been three more hours of driving turned into five or six, because we missed a critical turn.  We arrived two hours late and missed major portions of the reception such as cutting the cake.  But I did get a picture of the bride and groom just before the sun went down!

What a fun guestbook: a scrapbook!

Our hotel in Great Falls was nice.  They had fake fish in the water dispenser!  Lol!

The next morning, we met family at a Starbuck's where the bride works.  She helped make our drinks.  :)

An aunt and cousin.

We all went to the groom's house to watch the video of their wedding, since we didn't make it to their ceremony several weeks earlier.

The groom's father.

Everyone ate at MacKenzie River Pizza.

We had such a great time, we were sad to leave!