Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Humble Beginnings -- Blog Links

I remember reading somewhere, “Never be ashamed of humble beginnings.” It is something I like to tell newlyweds, but for some reason, it has suddenly become one of my favorite sayings. I have visited some blogs with a list of sites long enough to circle the globe a couple of times, and I don’t mean the kind we use in homeschooling. I’m thinking, no one could possibly have enough time to visit that many sites in a lifetime, let alone make the claim that every single one of them is a favorite!

So I’ve figured it out that they have gotten their hands on a program that searches for blogs similar to their own and automatically adds them to their own blog. I was running this theory by my husband on our way to a restaurant last night, and he actually took me seriously! LOL! And he’s a software programmer! Therefore, my theory is credible. Maybe I can have him write such a program for me. Then, when people visit my blog, they will be really impressed by all the sites listed! In the meantime, I am adding a new section titled, “Blogs I Enjoy.” For now I am only putting those that I actually visit every single day or at least every week. That is four blogs. Yep! You read right! Four, not four hundred! However, keep checking back. That program could be finished any day!

When I add a blog, I'll mention what I like best about it. My favorite thing about Ramblin' Roads and A Romantic Porch is how they look. I'm big on everything matching and color coordination. Plus, the authors are really fine, positive, interesting people who talk about the Lord like they have met Him. Great appearance, great content. Great blogs! When I saw the post titled "Twirling Cheesecake Pops," I knew Everyday Beauty was a blog I would want to revisit. Clearly we share a love for creative desserts! Then of course, hubby's blog is...well, I think almost everything about him is wonderful! That's why I married him! Actually, it was his writing that first attracted me to him. But I'll save the "How We Met" story for another day.


Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

Welcome, Greg! (I added him to my growing list of "Real-Life Friends and Family" blog roll.) How fun!

And, Farrah, I'm pretty sure your list will be growing!

Marsha said...

Yippee! Another Washingtonian! Welcome! I saw your post over at BSHS and decided to come have a look. I am a devotional writer over there. I also blog. My address is http://middings.blogspot.com

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh Farrah, That list making is a challenge! But it will come to you. I love your story today. Have a wonderful evening! xoRachel

Anonymous said...

OH yes, and thank you for your kind words about my blog. How sweet of you!