Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Fav Cold Cereals

I have decided to participate in another meme called Thursday 13. Every Thursday I will list 13 things somehow related to me. This week's theme is...

13 Cold Cereals I Have Obsessed Over
  1. Banana Nut Crunch by itself and with a variety of additions
  2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch sometimes for dessert
  3. Lucky Charms when I was very little
  4. Rice Krispies always with white sugar added
  5. Honey Nut Cheerios especially with banana slices
  6. Low Fat Granola gives the jaw a workout
  7. Cap’n Crunch sometimes for dessert
  8. Raisin Bran best with leftover homemade apple or huckleberry pie
  9. Oh’s not to be found on this long list
  10. Reeces Puffs sometimes for dessert
  11. Cocoa Puffs sometimes for dessert
  12. Cracklin’ Oat Bran reminds me of Grandma’s house
  13. Raisin Mini-Wheats also like the strawberry flavor
While searching the web for the correct spelling on some of these cereal names, I stumbled across some interesting links! A unit study on cold cereal for grades 2-4, a blog for cold cereal addicts, and an all-cereal cafe! Here's an interesting article published when it first opened. If I actually took time to really research this topic, who knows what fascinating discoveries I would make! Wow!


Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

I've discovered that dry cereal makes a good "after school" snack. Of course, the kids like the sweet ones... I try to steer them away from the sugary cereals for breakfast, but I figure for a snack that's better than some things. Stupid rationalization, probably. Oh, well.

I like how you researched your topic... and included some interesting links. Typical homeschool mom!

A Romantic Porch said...

How cool. 13 cereals that you like. I should think about that. I wonder if I've eaten 13 different ones. What an interesting list you have. Have a great day. xo Rachel

Farrah said...

And that list doesn't even include cereals I've eaten and kinda liked...such as Trix and Fruit Loops and Great Grains...and I could go on! I've eaten a lot of cold cereal in my time...

pussreboots said...

I've tried a number of cereals but I always come back to LIFE. Happy TT.