Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Random Thoughts

Our son is a speed reader, and I am tickled pink! Yesterday, hubby took him to get a book at the library while I grocery shopped. He did a very little reading between there and the store – about one block away. He did a very little in the store while we went through the checkout. He did about 10 minutes on our way to a restaurant, and we had a conversation that went something like:

Me: How far are you in the book?
Son: A little more than half way.
Me: Honey, did you read some of his book to make sure it’s OK? It looked a little creepy.
Hubby: Silence.
Son: I’m already done with that one. I’m half way through the second book.

He’s eight. These are chapter books.

Not so rosy, are the dumb arguments I’m forced to witness daily. Sometimes hourly. My two boys love to bicker over insanely unimportant details. Punishment is out of the question, since one of them is 32. The apple sure doesn’t fall far! On and on, the most recent debate was whether or not General Petrine constantly rides a horse. As in never, ever dismounts. Do you know the answer? Probably not. It’s a fictional character in a video game. How in the world there could be any question of whether a character constantly rides a horse or not is beyond me. I would think it would be pretty obvious. I sided with ds just for fun and said, “I think he rides a horse.”

“General Petrine is a woman.”


Oops! Very old-fashioned of me to assume the General is male. Anyway, they finally looked it up and put the dead horse to rest. Or rather the living horse into action. It seems, she does indeed ride a horse constantly. (File that away in your "Future Important Things" folder.) Hubby was wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time. Shhhh! Don’t tell him I said that! *winkwink*

While I'm typing my random thoughts, I just HAVE to get out a little vent. We all know illness comes with annoyances. Here is one of mine. I take a medication by “self” injection. Yeah right! I can barely wiggle my arthritic fingers more than a few centimeters. There is NO WAY I am going to try stabbing my own thigh at a high speed with an inch long needle at a 45 degree angle and then apply constant pressure until the medicine is in. Hubby gets queasy just thinking about it. Yes, he has been known to faint while getting blood drawn. Typical flaw of tough men.

So we need someone to give me the injection. The clinic where my primary physician resides is 10 minutes away. Not bad, except that no one in the ENTIRE clinic is QUALIFIED to give me the injection. I kid you not. We must drive 30 minutes to their sister clinic where one nurse is able to do it. Well, we drove there last Thursday for my weekly dose and found out that the nurse wasn’t there that day. NO ONE ELSE in that building was qualified to give me the shot! Hello? Is this the US where we have the best health care in the world? Explain to me why she can train my own husband to do it in 30 seconds flat but not a single person in two different clinics, including doctors, can do it! Both buildings have labs with nurses who draw blood every day, but none of them is qualified to do it!! Does this make any sense at all??

No alternative solution was offered, and the lady acted like I was inconveniencing her just by standing there. I could almost hear her saying, "Scoot!" I feel like saying, "I'm sorry my illness interrupted your time to stare at the wall while sitting at the computer." (That's what she was doing the entire time Hubby and I argued over the best day to reschedule an appointment. We must have had the secretary change it three times. The other secretary, that is. The one that was actually working.) Seriously, she looked and acted like, "Deal with it."

Long story short, I had to delay my treatment and make another trip the next day! The poor nurse actually came over on her OWN time after work! Unreal!

Note: I just read this post to Hubby, and he said, "I need to just bite the bullet and learn how to do it."

I'm scared. REALLY scared. I told him so, and he said, "You'd better be scared!" Pity me.


Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

I'm glad you got the horse question settled. It's been burning on my mind... oh, wait... no, it hasn't. But, still, good to get that settled!

Oh! How infuriating about your shot! I just don't "get" that, at all. So very frustrating.

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh Farrah, How insanely frustrating! I hope you get everything worked out. Thanks for sharing. xoRachel

Anonymous said...

Hello Farrah,

I *know* I said I am taking a break from BSHS and my boards, but am finding I like to sneak at certain moments.

So, just wanted to say hello and tell you I think that your feeling about giving yourself the shot is normal. I have a nurse friend who needs to as well, and cannot. A nurse! She can do it for others, but not herself. I hope and pray for you, that a better arrangement can be worked out or you can do it soon and that you gain some wellness.

Your newer friend from Rest Ministries BSHS,
Jan Lyn Lewis

Farrah said...

Jan, how good to "hear" from you on my blog! Comments are always so awesome to get, because it lets me know people are visiting and enjoying my blog. Otherwise, what would be the point in blogging? :-)