Monday, February 11, 2008


Sometimes it feels like I’m living for weekends. Not because hubby and I go out or I get together with girlfriends or I relax more. Weekends are when we actually get stuff accomplished! I have two full days to boss Hubby around, and if I’m fortunate, he might even listen to me part of the time! *winkwink!*

This weekend was grand! We finished putting up Valentine decorations, got caught up on bills, and best of all, I cut their hair! I haven’t cut their hair in over a year! Don’t worry. It wasn’t grown down past their shoulders or anything. My health got so bad I couldn’t cut hair anymore, and they had to get it done at beauty shops. Since it is a career that people go to school for, I always expected them to come back looking…well-groomed! Polished! Instead, after trying three different places they still came home needing fine-tuning. The front would be uneven or there would be a spot that couldn’t be fixed where it had been cut too close, or it was still too long. It drove me crazy!

Aren't they cute?
I am rejoicing today that I am able to cut hair again, and my two boys look better, too!


Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

Well-groomed. Polished. Cute, even! So glad you felt up to doing it. (And I'm glad you got your Valentines decorations in the background of one of the pics. That's fun to see!)

Julieann said...

You did a great job cutting their hair--YAY!!!

I really enjoyed reading your comment on my blog about breastfeeding!!! The most perfect food for the most precious gift:)