Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall In Our City

My sweet husband took off work early yesterday so we could capture a few fall shots before sundown. Normally Kylen doesn't much care for driving around, but this time he commented repeatedly that he was enjoying himself.

We feel very blessed to live in a fairly young, beautiful city where most folks do a fantastic job of keeping it looking nice. Our city council has developed laws to assist in this effort, such forbidding ugly and unsightly billboards. We have two large parks, four pocket parks, three golf courses, and over 25 miles of multi-use trails. We are also a tree city, which means that we meet four criteria proving that we effectively manage our public tree resources and work to heighten public awareness of the many benefits that trees provide.

Now without further ado, I’ll show you a glimpse of the scenery we are accustomed to in these parts.

From the parking lot where Greg works.

From our grocery store's parking lot. Notice even the undeveloped land in the background is taking part in autumn's show.

A small piece of one of our large parks.

Many streets are lined with trees.


lauralavon said...

Wow! What breathtaking beauty! Thanks so much for sharing those pics!

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

I was just noticing that the colors seem to be at their peak. I need to get out and snap some shots before they're gone! Thanks for sharing yours!

Anonymous said...

Okay, where you live is beautiful, but I bet you have really cold winters.
I'm still trying to move somewhere tropical! lol

kari and kijsa said...

STUNNING!! Love seeing all the fall beauty! And what a fun afternoon with hubby soaking in all of God's artwork!!

kari & kijsa

Tamela's Place said...

hello Farrah,

Since moving to Az. i miss the colors of fall so very much. i was born and raised in Southern Ind. And fall was my favorite time of the year. The trees are just so beautiful.. You got some amazing pictures of the beauty of God's handiwork. Thankyou for sharing. I am longing for the midwest again though.

nitewrit said...

Hi Farrah,

Thank you for visiting my Blog. I've never been to Washington, maybe someday if the Lord Tarries and allows. I've heard it is beautiful. Certainly your photo are.

We live far across the country from you, but it is beautiful in much of this area still. We live in a section called Radnor Woods. It lives up to its name. We are also blessed with many parks, which I love since I am a "walker". I like to go out and just walk.

I'll have to do a post on our area for you to see some of our nature. Most of the big trees that were on our lot when we moved here fell or had to be taken down because of age (frightening when a large tree falls over in your backyard as one did), but my wife has planted several trees about the back yard, small evergreens, and I planted a tree out front to replace a maple that we had to take down.

Anyway, seeing the trees in blossom, in leaf and in the colors of autumn certainly reminds one of how Jesus said the Father dressed the flowers; He did so with the trees as well.