Monday, October 13, 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Dear Parents of Just for Fun Students,

Next week’s class theme is SHOW AND TELL! Your child is welcome to bring something (or several things!) to show us if he likes. It can be a favorite toy, a pet rhinoceros, a craft project…anything interesting!

Looking forward to next class!!

~Mrs. B

That was the note I e-mailed and left in family folders last week in the hopes of boosting participation. Even so, only about half of the students remembered, but I gleefully made up for it by bringing TONS of my own stuff!

I was surprised and impressed by the children’s selections. Three talked about their Bibles (including two who had forgotten to bring something but happened to have their Bible with them), one picked his new baby sister (who is always one of the quietest students!), and one performed with hand puppets and singing! Another showed stuffed animals, and one girl even brought her live cat!

During my primary school years I had managed to build a small collection of novelties, including an assortment of puzzles and curiosities from the eighties. Anyone remember those necklaces from which you could hang charms? They came in an endless variety of themes and colors. Then, there’s the gigantic fake penny that I found at the fair when I was seventeen, a Rubick’s cube, and many other nick-knacks. At the end, my assistant compared the class to a toy store, which I thought was an accurate assessment. Lol!

The last ten minutes or so, I handed out miniature wind-up teeth chompers for them to keep. As I was exiting the room, a quick backward glance gave the blessing of a nice memory: two girls happily engrossed with their wild hopping teeth, one laughed hysterically as hers set off snapping towards the other. Have you ever seen those things? I have a picture at the beginning of this post. They are pretty funny to watch!

It really was a delightful way to spend an hour.


Greg said...

These are the kinds of memories you and those little kids will treasure forever.

I thought it was especially cute of you to search at Oriental Trading for that puzzle ball that that one boy was obsessed with!

Anonymous said...

I had some of those chomping teeth at one time. I also had all those 80s toys. Someday I'll have to drag them all out and show the kids.

Tamela's Place said...

So much fun! Show and tell is most kid's favorite thing to do.. I know it was mine when i was a kid. Blessings to you Farrah

Andrew Clarke said...

I can remember some of the toys we had, fondly. Some of them are now regarded as quaint 'collectibles.' Kids know how to have fun - or if they've become too sophisticated to enjoy those things, then it's a great shame! Good post.