Monday, October 20, 2008

Prepare to be Amazed!

Today’s Theme: Amazing Tricks!

Prep Work: A good part of Saturday was spent practicing on Hubby and Sonshine. “What do you think of this one?” "Mom, do I HAVE to watch another trick right now?!" Basically drove them crazy with my constant interruptions. Lol!

Opening Act: I entered the classroom carrying a bowl of hot water and gave a demonstration on Nitinol. While searching for optical illusions last spring, I discovered “memory wire” at an online novelty shop. You can read about this fascinating metal alloy and see a demonstration video here. I showed them the wire, which looked rather like a piece of junk since I had bent it out of shape ahead of time. When I dropped it into the water, SNAP!! It immediately jumped into the word “hot.” By far one of the most interesting and impressive items I’ve ever seen. Definitely worth every penny just to see the amazed reactions! (Possible gift idea for the guy who has everything?) I also gave them a simplified version of the description from the site. Warning: There are offensive items for sale at this site, as is often the case with novelty stores.

The Show: I gave them my “spiel” on magic (‘Tis a trick or divine intervention!) and had the students take turns retrieving quarters from all over the room. Next, I performed several tricks, most of which definitely “wowed” my attentive audience. I drew material from three different magic sets, so only a few had been seen before by a couple of students.

Final Act: I ended class with the common disappearing coin trick and gave each student his own to keep. Of course, they had their quarters to practice on and were very happy magicians!

Class Highlight: Perhaps the best part was at the beginning when one student handed me a VERY sweet card she had made thanking me for the class. I shan’t repeat its sentimental contents here, but it was one of those letters that makes the return on teaching worth a thousandfold more than what is invested. I was touched to say the least. How blessed I feel for the privilege of teaching these precious children! Thank you, Lord!


Grace said...

How fun!

Don't you luv those sweet students? They make it all worthwhile! When I get a sweet drawing or card from one of my music students, it blesses my week!

Hope that you are blessed and encouraged today!


Anonymous said...

Awww! Don't you love it when your students bring you sweet things like that?
You needed my son at your home for the demos, he would have loved it!