Sunday, October 5, 2008

Little Trees

God ". . . calleth those things which be not as though they were." Romans 4:17b

When we bought our house seven years ago, we signed papers from the homeowner's association agreeing to a number of requirements, one of which was to plant trees every so many feet in our backyard. I have spent numerous hours poring over garden books and researching the internet to come up with a list of plants that I felt would work well in our landscaping plans. Three weeks ago we finally brought home three little trees, basing our decision on what they will become when they are full grown. It is hard for me to see them as they are, because I am excited for the time when they will fill the place in our landscape for which they were chosen.

So much potential.

Perhaps this is similar to how God sees us. I already love these skinny, crooked trees with their sparse sprinkling of leaves. We tend them carefully, making sure they have plenty of water, watching for strong winds that might blow them over. We may need to add stakes if they start leaning. One will require fertilizer in the spring and two will probably need pruning for shape and to remove awkward or crossing branches.

My favorite spring tree is the flowering cherry. They often need to be replaced after about twenty years, but that didn't discourage me from getting one! I am delighted to see that it turns orange in the fall, which it has already done. We planted it almost directly behind the kitchen window so I can see it as I do dishes or cook.

This is our crab apple. I really wanted a climbing tree next to the play area, and Kylen is anticipating picking its sour fruit.

Here is an evergreen that I thought would be nice behind our variegated red twig dogwoods in the front, since they drop their leaves for winter. It will be about seven feet tall and have a perfect cone shape. It's so cute! Reminds us of a tiny Christmas tree.

We plan to get more trees in the future, but this is a happy start!


Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

I want to plant some trees, too, but I haven't even started researching beyond looking at trees when we're out-and-about, thinking, "That's pretty! I want one like that!"

Anonymous said...

We planted a willow tree in our yard about seven years ago. I love that tree. Of course, the kids and their friends try to use the branches to make whips, so maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.

Jen said...

Your trees are so cute right now:) I do not have a gree thumb so I have not attemted trees yet:)

Jen said...

Your trees are so cute right now:) I do not have a gree thumb so I have not attemted trees yet:)

Jan Lyn said...

Hi Farrah!

It must feel great to accomplish that. Reminds me of the saying "He who plants a tree, plants Hope."

We once gave my father a small pear tree for an occasion. He had such joy to watch it grow through the years. I know you will too.

Kelli said...

Your trees are very sweet, Farrah! I can't wait to see the cherry tree in the spring. :0)

Grace said...

I LUV trees!

Can't wait for them to grow big & tall. The crabapple is a really great choice-- the birds love to eat the berries!

Hope you're having a blessed fall!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful post! I love your trees! Our are finally changing colour for Fall! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Fall too! *hugs*