Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fabric Paint Decals

This was one of my favorite crafts from the art class. I found it in a book called FamilyFun Boredom Busters by Deanna F. Cook. One girl liked it so much, she made it part of her birthday party!

You need dimensional fabric paint in a variety of colors. "Scribbles" brand seemed to work better than "Puffy." I purchased a 20-pack of 1 ounce bottles and had a ton leftover. Depending on how large you make the decals, you can fit several on one plate. They were meant to be miniature, but Kylen made a large one that worked great. (It's still on his bathroom mirror after nine months!)

Tape a piece of wax paper to a flat surface (I used paper plates for easy transportation), and gently squeeze paint onto the paper. The book recommended using a toothpick for shaping, but I found it best to move the bottle around while squeezing to make the exact shape more directly. The toothpick tends to cause thin areas, especially along the edges, which makes it harder to peel off without breakage or warping. A simple, cute design to warm up with is an apple tree. Start with a brown trunk. Add the green top above and grass at bottom, making sure it's touching the trunk. Then add small dots of red for apples. Allow to dry over night. Permanent markers can be used to add very fine details. such as the pupils of eyes.

Warning: these are addictive! Greg teased me for repeatedly going back and making more after I was "done!"