Friday, July 13, 2012

Park Days

Several weeks ago, we were blessed by one of those fun coincidences that sometimes pop up in life. Or perhaps not a "coincidence" at all?

We went to "try out" a park with a friend. She hadn't been there in a long time, and we'd never been, to my recollection. After maybe half an hour, one of the boys said he saw someone we knew. I looked over, and two other homeschool families were getting out of their vehicles! They happened to be doing a park day as well and decided to pick the same one. If it had been a common destination for any of us, it wouldn't have been so extraordinary. But turns out the park was new to them as well. What were the chances??  More kids to play, more friends to visit with: thank you, Lord, for those fun "coincidences." This one really made my day!

I got several shots with the other kids/moms, but since I don't have their permission and I don't think a couple of them do any kind of online posting, I'll just put up one of Kylen!  :-)