Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Library LEGO Classes

I never pictured myself doing a big photo shoot with a LEGO model, but here you have it. In my mind, any project Greg devotes half the summer to deserves decent pictures, especially if it looks all super cool techy with wires sticking out and stuff.

He's taught five classes at local libraries, including two on this tic tac toe robot. Kylen and I don't share the same level of enthusiasm for Mindstorms, but I have to admit this one is pretty neat! Plus, it makes Hubby happy, which makes me happy! For those interested in more details, here's a link to Greg's LEGO blog.


Greg said...

Thank you for taking so many great pics, Sweetheart! But I must clarify that it was really less than two weeks of intense work to get ready for the class, although I did tinker with it off and on for several months prior. With the little spare time I have, I am very thankful for my understanding wife who let me indulge in one of my mental disorders. ;)

katrina said...

Very, very cool! Both boys wanted to know how far away was Spokane and why couldn't we attend a class LOL!!!

Greg, "one of your mental disorders" how many do you have? :) if they are all like this you must have a lot going on upstairs!!!

Farrah said...

Greg laughed when I read him that! It'd be awesome if you guys lived over here. We don't know many nice, Christian homeschooled boys Kylen's age. But I'm guessing you have more opportunities where you are with the bigger city and all. But hey, contact us if you're ever in the area! We might be able to give you a demo of the latest creation Greg has going!