Friday, July 27, 2012

Green Bluff

The lovely drive to Green Bluff is always worth it, no matter how short the stay.  This trip we only had time to buy a snack before heading home, but the frozen cider was enjoyed for days.  Wow! - that is one PERFECT drink for hot weather!!  TOTALLY hits the spot!  Greg said his blueberry pie was the best ever, and my doughnut was yummy with the cider.  Kylen opted to skip having something, preferring a coffee drink on the way home.  Greg kindly shared a few bites of pie with him.

The last shot is the one that broke my camera!  I dropped it on the cement, which caused it to jam.  They said fixing it could take three weeks, but it came back fairly quickly.  Greg chastised me for rarely using the strap while taking pictures.  (I always use it while walking around in between shots.)  I told him I'll be better about that.  No matter the problem, they charge a minimum $150 fee, so nope!  That shot was not worth breaking the camera!


katrina said...

shh don't tell Greg, but I do the same thing!! mfc is always getting on me about it..and I have dropped my camera too! I figure we are in good company!! ;) Looks like a wonderful day (aside from camera breaking) donuts and pie look so yummy and I am always a sucker for flowers!!

Farrah said...

Just don't go on to join the "dropped and broke it" company! Lol!