Monday, August 26, 2013


A gal from our Bible study shared this game with us.  I was hooked from the start!  It reminds me of Rook but with twists and wild cards that make it less predictable.  We couldn't find one in the stores and had to order ours.  I'm hoping it will be released again in the future.

You hand out 10 cards the first time and keep decreasing by one until everyone only gets one card in the final round.  Everyone bids on how many hands they expect to take.  You get a point for every hand you take plus 10 points if you made your bid.  If you didn't make your bid, you lose 5 points.  The wild cards can give another player a bonus 5 points or take away 5 points.  They can also nullify trump or change it in the middle of a hand.  Everyone must follow suit, but if you don't have the color led, you can play anything, including trump.  The more players, the more unpredictable it is.  When just Kylen and I play, we're pretty evenly matched.


katrina said...

Fun! I always enjoy your game review posts!