Saturday, August 24, 2013

We Made It!!


This place wowed us.  An easy 15 minute walk along a trail, and you get a stunning view of God's handiwork. My uncle said that 45 minutes further up, there is another spot where people slide down the rocks into pools. Here, there wasn't enough water flowing for more than a short slide for a young child. That's probably a different story during spring runoff!  Either way, it's a rock climber's paradise.  Back before I had arthritis, I would have loved to keep going up the stream to see what what lay around the bend.

One of Kylen's favorite parts was riding in the back of the truckbed on the way up and back.  There were places so bumpy, I was worried they'd fall out!  The road was poor enough that a car would be challenged, although we did see cars parked at the trailhead (and wondered about the people's sanity who drove them).

My aunt and uncle went out of their way to make this a memorable trip.  They've been camping here each summer for 15 years or so and are well acquainted with the area.  Each day, they presented us with the possibilities, asked what WE wanted to do, and made sure it happened.  From the delicious meals and boating to swimming and hiking, we had a marvelous time.  The only downside was my pesky feet, which got sore faster than expected and made me sound like a nag asking Greg to do everything!

After saying our goodbyes and driving away, they secretly ran to another side of the campground.  We didn't think we'd be getting another glimpse of anyone we knew during our long 2 1/2 hour drive home.  Suddenly, there they were on the side of the road, in a completely unexpected place, waving wildly!  It gave me such a neat feeling.  Almost made me want to turn around and stay another night!